Simple Tricks for a Healthier School LunchboxBy CairoCooking • October 13, 2016

Preparing a healthy and balanced kids lunchbox can be quite challenging and stressful. Kids would usually request their favourite gsot-so-wholesome food options, while most parents struggle daily to create a hassle-free yet still good-for-you lunchbox.

We have compiled a list of simple tips to help you achieve a healthier lunchbox on the short-run, and generally better eating habits for your children on the long-run.

  1. Ditch processed meats (such as cold cuts and hotdogs) for home-cooked organic chicken and meats. Cook them in advance or use leftovers from your meals. Cooked animal proteins can stay up to 3 days in your fridge.
  2. Prepare little bags of your kids’ favourite healthy snacks such as dried fruits, unsalted nuts, unsalted popcorn, granola bar, or trail mix. Try NM Mixed Nuts & Dry Fruits or make your own Popcorn Trailmix.
  3. Fill your pantry with nutritious nut butters (preferably sugar-free), raw honey, and homemade raw chocolate spreads. Most of these stay valid for long.
  4. Prepare healthy dips in advance (as sandwich fillers) such as hummus, eggplant dipchicken salad, and egg-salad dip. Have them ready in your fridge to use in sandwiches or as dips with crudités (vegetable sticks).
  5. Think ahead. For ideas to prepare in advance, you can consult our clean & lean lunchbox ideas and recipes, but you can start with this…
  6. * Stock up on fresh seasonal produce and chemical-free veggies and fruits, and have them readily washed and cut in sealed boxes in the fridge to simply add them in the morning to sandwiches or as lunchbox snacks.
    * Boil eggs at night (preferably organic baladi eggs), and store them in the fridge to prepare yummy and filling egg-based sandwiches in the morning. Make sure your eggs have a bright yellow egg yolk center (thats when you know its organic) not a grey faded yolk.
    * Buy your wholesome whole grain bread in advance, slice it, and freeze it to ensure you have healthy bread options when needed. You can always defrost it overnight in the fridge or just toast it for 10 minutes before filling it up.

    Click here to download and print the guide

  7. Make their healthy lunchbox fun. Put fun surprise stickers on the inside of the lid of their lunchbox or name tags on their egg shell or banana. You can also tie a ribbon around the lunchbox like a gift.
  8. Let them have a say! You can fill in a schedule of lunchbox ideas with your kids and hang it on your fridge or their room wall. You can use our ready two week schedule brought to you by  for this purpose. They can also choose from the already-washed & sliced veggies and fruits to mix and match their own lunchbox snacks.

Click here to download and print the schedule


Here are all the recommended PDFs for saving and printing:

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