A Fresh Take on the Traditional FattaBy CairoCooking • May 15, 2017

If you are not big on our Egyptian traditional lamb Fatta, this collection is for you!

With four out-of-the-box Fatta recipes (that YOU can actually cook), family lunches and friends gatherings have never been more exciting. Even if you’ll have the traditional lamb Fatta, consider adding an alternative or two on your dinner table, because not everyone likes the flavour of lamb.

Homemade Shrimp Fatta

by Fayza Riad

Wow your guests with this seafood take on Fatta, and you will have everyone asking for more! It looks sophisticated on the table, while it fits the Fatta profile with its garlic infused tomato sauce, crispy bread and rice layers. However, beware it has a special kick with added fresh ginger.


The Rice Meatball Fatta

This recipe was mainly inspired by our juicy Baked Rice Meatballs recipe. We toasted some bread and prepared the garlicky yoghurt to sandwich these kofta balls into a delicious Fatta. It is one of those dishes that both kids and grown-ups will appreciate!

fattet-koftet-roz2 small

Eggplant Upside-Down Fatta

Eggplants, yoghurt, garlic and golden crispy bread are just a match made in heaven. Every eggplant lover has to try this recipe out – it might seem like a salad since it is not served hot, but the garlicky tomato sauce begs to differ.


The Vegetarian Fatta

by Dalia Allam

Try this fast and simple Fatta (one of www.CairoCooking.com’s most shared & cooked recipes) and serve it with your favourite meat and chicken dishes. We guarantee that you will be cooking this recipe all year round, it is too delicious and too hard to resist!


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