Small Iftar Gathering

Day 5: Sometimes we have a couple of people over for Iftar or just another family, and although we want to make sure everyone is happy satisfied we don't want to end up tired and overworked. Perfect for a small Iftar gathering, this menu is relatively easy to prepare and has dishes that are huge crowd pleasers such as Meat Goulash, Chicken Mushroom and Beef in Peppercorn Sauce. To make your guests feel extra special, serve individual cups of Pomegranate Jallab with Silvered Almonds. It is simple to prepare for a small number of guests and always leaves a great impression.


The perfect start: Freekeh & Vegetable Soup

Traditional Meat Goulash

Arugula & Roasted Eggplant Salad

Beef Strips in Black Peppercorn Sauce (served with rice)

Creamy Chicken Mushroom (served with rice)

A delicious yet light Okra

Traditional Sweet Qatayef

Classic Milk Pudding

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