Rocca-Cranberry Labna Sandwich

By shahdan • March 22, 2015

4 servings
30 min
Rocca-Cranberry Labna Sandwich

If you are out of healthy and different sandwich ideas, try this one. It’s easy, super healthy, and very light and refreshing! Perfect on a hot summer day!


  • brown toast - توست أسمر
  • labna - لبنة
  • rocket - جرجير افرنجى
  • dried cranberries (available in big supermarkets and at most stores that sell nuts and dried fruits)- can be substituted with big red raisins - التوت البري المجفف

Step by step

  1. Spread the bread with labna cheese.
  2. Scatter some cranberries over the labna cheese, add the fresh rocket leaves and enjoy a healthy, light and different sandwich.


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