Special First Day at Home

Day 1: First day of Iftar is all about the classics... Soup, sambousak or qatayef, a speciality dish and a simple salad. Little traditions like dried fruits, dates in milk and foul on the table make all the difference for your little family... as for the rest of the Iftar, try this easy yet special Iftar menu!

For the Qatayef, split some for savoury and fill some with nuts and drop in syrup! As for the Basmati rice, it is not necessary if you enjoy the carbs from Qatayef and Fatta bread.



Minted Zucchini Soup

Qatayef with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Cheese

Eggplant Fatta

Juicy Spinach Fillet Chicken Fillets

Basmati Rice

Cucumber & Herb Chickpea Salad

Dessert: Traditional Sweet Nut-Filled Qatayef


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