Red Pepper Hummus Wrap

By shahdan • July 24, 2015

4 servings
30 min
Red Pepper Hummus Wrap

Turn CairoCooking’s super healthy Roasted Red Pepper Hummus dip into a kid- friendly lunch box wrap.  Or even better, cut it into delicious sushi look-alike pieces.  Because kids get bored quickly, it is always good to introduce new sandwich ideas. You may create the same wrap with other spreads and dips, such as cream cheese, simple labnah, classic hummus dip, or get even more creative and try this nutritious  White Bean dip! Just make sure to involve your kids in the process to create a wrap that they will absolutely love!


  • tortilla bread (preferably brown) - خبز التورتيلا
  • hummus (ready made- check link above) - حمص
  • cucumber (cut into thin sticks) - خيار
  • carrots (cut into thin sticks) - جزر

Step by step

  1. Spread the tortilla with a thin layer of roasted pepper hummus. Add some cucumber and carrot sticks and roll tightly. You may choose to cut your wrap (using a sharp knife) into bite-size circles and arrange in a sealed lunchbox. Keep refrigerated.


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