Private: Summer Brunch

We know how families tend to meet up during holidays - mainly at the beach since it is summer! We made sure all the recipes work for the beach and at home.

For your summer brunch table, consider having a modern oriental corner with a falafel platter with lettuce wraps, the farmer's omelette and roasted red pepper hummus. Some lentils or homemade foul is always a filling popular option. Do not forget to serve some cucumber and carrot crudités (topped with lime juice) with the hummus. You may also add some baladi or pita bread in a basket.

Serve a whole salmon fillet with a fresh salsa and complement it with the citrus vegetable herb couscous. The avocado shrimp is also a winner in such gatherings. For some elegance, prepare some refreshing pineapple quinoa salad (best served in the pineapple shell), and - a bowl of beetroot & goat cheese salad.

For the sweet tooth, keep a tray of chilled cheesecake cups topped with the seasonal fruits. And do not forget a healthy yet exciting option like the delicious no-wheat pancakes.

To entertain the kids, keep some cut-out cookie dough readily wrapped in your fridge, and let the kids play around with the roller and make the grown ups some shaped cookies.

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